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Get Referrals directly from your Website for only $15 Per Month

With the LikeThisBiz Refer-A-Friend Web Pack, your customers can refer their friends directly from your own website and send them your introductory offer. The LTB referral engine tracks and rewards those who send you new customers! We provide all the coding required to incorporate the functionality into your website. Installation is simple, fast and easy.

Watch the Video Purchase Your Web Pack

Refer-A-Friend Web Pack contains everything you need to turn your website into a lead generating machine!

All Code and HTML for your Refer-A-Friend Program is provided.

When you Order your Web Referrals Pack, you will receive an mail with a link to download your installation pack containing everything you need to incoporate our complete online referral engine directly into your web page.

Visitors to your website can create their own Client Account

The Web Pack installation will allow visitors to create an account directly from your web page. Once logged in Clients can begin referring their friends using email, Facebook and Twitter.

Once logged in, Your clients can easily Refer Friends using simple links.

Email a List of Friends

Your clients provide a list of email addresses that they would like to send a referral to, along with a personal message. Emails with your Introductory Offer, along with the personal message of their Referring Friend are automatically sent to recipients.

Post a Referral on their FaceBook

Your clients can also post your Business information with a personal message to their FaceBook. Any friend that clicks on the FaceBook Link will be prompted to register to receive your Introductory Offer.

Tweet About your business using Twitter

If your client clicks on the Twitter icon, it automatically posts a link that they can tweet to all their followers. When a follower clicks on the virtual card link they are prompted to register to receive your Introductory Offer.

View Offers and the Status of their Referrals

Using the Rewards Tab, clients can see the status of all their referrals, including Clicks on FaceBook and Tweets. This shows the clients which referrals have actually redeemed their offers and displays any Referral Rewards that they have received.

Our Web Referrals Pack also Integrates with our Custom Referral Cards, allowing users to Register Cards plus view Offers & Referral status directly from your website.