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How It Works

Who is the best person to promote your company and products?

It’s obvious – The best people to promote your company and products are your own customers! Taking it one step further, structured client referral programs are an excellent way to maximize something you probably already do in your business — provide excellent service and encourage your existing clients to pass your name onto their friends and colleagues.

What a Customer Referall Program can do

  • Referral programs outperform any other marketing initiative for sustainable growth.
  • An official structured referral program that provides guidelines and rewards demonstrates your commitment to your customers and makes it easy for customers to recommend you.
  • An enticing referral program provides the extra motivation and incentive that justifies your customer’s time and effort spent referring you.
  • Referrals, and the thank you’s that follow, will retain and build loyalty with your key customers.
  • Ongoing recommendations and introductions will help you exponentially grow your business network. No other marketing initiative can compare.

How LikeThisBiz™ can help

LikeThisBiz™ offers a turnkey solution to engage your customers and create your own structured referral program, while giving you the flexibility to design your own incentive offers and rewards. We make it simple and easy. You create the incentives and the LikeThisBiz™ software does the rest, automatically tracking, initiating customer communications and reporting on each referral. LikeThisBiz™ offers 2 solutions that can be used independently or together to maximize the results of your program:

LikeThisBiz™ Refer-A-Friend Web Pack

How It Works Steps To Follow

The Refer-A-Friend Web Pack is a Microsite that you link directly to your own website. It instantly gives you all the functionality of the Like this Biz referral engine in a window that appears above your website. Instruct customers to sign up for your referral program on your site, or invite them through our automatic email engine. It is easy to upload your customer lists or send an invite when they make a purchase at your store or business. Once signed up, customers earn rewards by referring their friends directly through the Microsite linked to your home page by:

  • Sending E-mail links to a list of their friends
  • Posting a Referral Link directly on their Facebook
  • Tweeting a Referral Link to their Twitter Followers
  • Sharing their personalized QR code by smart phone.

When a friend receives an email or clicks on the link in Facebook or Twitter, they automatically receive the Introductory Offer that you have setup.

When the friend buys from you redeeming their offer, the system automatically triggers the Thank You Reward to be sent out to the client who originated the referral.

All offers have a unique code tied to the client or friend’s email address creating a one-time redemption feature.

Each client has their own account where they login and track their own referrals and rewards. The Refer-A-Friend Web Pack contains everything you need to incorporate it into any website – it takes less than 20 minutes to install and setup.

LikeThisBiz™ Custom Referral Cards

Custome Referral Card Tags

If you have face-to-face contact with your customers, Custom Referral Cards are the most effective method to get your customers to refer friends because they give your client a physical keepsake that they hand out to their friends.

Use our card design tool to create your own custom printed cards or for a small fee, LikeThisBiz designers will design them for you.

The cards come in 2 parts mounted on an instruction backing you hand to your client. The bottom potion has 3 snap-off keychain referral cards - each with a unique tracking number so that the LikeThisBiz software can track the client who handed them out to their friends. When the friend registers the card using the instructions on the back, or scanning the QR code, they automatically receive an email with your lntroductory Offer. When the friend buys from you redeeming their offer, the system automatically triggers the Thank You Reward to be sent out to the client who originated the referral.

The top portion has the client’s Member Referral card, which gives them access to their account and the ability to track any referrals and offers they have received. The Member card has a unique QR code printed on the back that offers a simple way to refer friends who use smart phones. Once the friend scans the code; the screen will ask for them to put their name and email address. The LTB software engine will automatically email them their introductory offer.